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Steven E. Young Pursues Judge's Disqualification for Undisclosed Campaign Contributions

March 10, 2016

Steven E. Young, a partner at Freeman Freeman & Smiley, was quoted in the March 10 edition of the Daily Journal regarding Ventura County Judge Henry J. Walsh's potential bias from failure to disclose more than 150 campaign contributions. Mr. Young is seeking a retroactive disqualification for a recent case he brought before Judge Walsh and a new trial for the plaintiff.

"I am not accusing Judge Walsh of actual bias," Mr. Young said.  "However, in these circumstances there is the possibility of lack of impartiality or the appearance of bias or potential bias and that taints the integrity of the system and the public's confidence in it."

"As we read the law," Mr. Young continued, "if the judge is disqualified, basically it voids everything he did, including his statement of decision and the judgment itself."  

Mr. Young added, "Essentially it's as though there was no trial."