Arash Beral Voices Opinion in Daily Journal on Apple’s Data Security Stance

Arash Beral was quoted in today’s Daily Journal article, “Apple wants order to assist government vacated.”  Specializing in trade secret litigation, Mr. Beral states that the company could have elaborated more on whether the case involved a “non-justiciable political question.”

“The government’s ability to force a private technology company to create new technology to bypass current digital security protections is a new 21st century issue, and citing and distinguishing old All Writs Act cases feels like both sides are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.”

On February 25, Mr. Beral was quoted in the Daily Journal article, “US wants Apple help in other matters: Legal dispute over phones might be test case, lawyers say.” Mr. Beral stated, “This matter has turned into an epic public relations battle between the U.S. government and one of the most powerful companies in the world.”  He further adds, “The fact that there are other outstanding requests made of Apple to assist in unlocking other devices…undermines [officials’] argument that this is only about one terrorist’s iPhone.”

On February 22, Mr. Beral was quoted in the Daily Journal article, “No basis for Apple’s refusal: DOJ claims company’s refusal to unlock phone is PR-driven.”  He stated in an email to the reporter that the FBI has established a compelling need for help in the investigation, but that “this is a fight worth having for Apple.  It involves an important issue that will have a resounding impact on the 21st Century legal landscape.”

Mr. Beral is a partner in our firm’s Los Angeles office and a member of the Litigation Department. He routinely counsels clients in highly sophisticated, complex legal matters and disputes, oftentimes of national and international significance. While he represents clients in business, commercial, employment, intellectual property, and real estate litigation matters from inception (including emergency injunctive relief/TRO applications) through trial, appeals, and enforcement of judgments, Mr. Beral’s primary practice focus is on ever-evolving state and federal trade secret laws and trade secret litigation.